Jumpstart 1-On-1 Meetings In Business: 5 Ways To Help You

A business is like a machine; it needs all of its parts to work properly and perform at its best. Business models, strategies, employees, and marketing are important, but all of them are in vain without good leadership. More often than not, the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business is good leadership. One of the best ways to lead and motivate your team and employees is to organize 1-on-1 meetings. This blog will tell you what 1-on-1 leadership is, how it helps a business, and 5 ways to jumpstart it. 

What Is 1-On-1 Leadership?

Before knowing how to jumpstart one-on-one leading sessions, we must first discuss what one-on-one meetings are. As the name suggests, they are regular check-ins between two employees in an organization, usually an employee and a manager. 1-on-1 meeting with manager help to provide feedback, keep the team updated with the latest tasks, resolve issues, and motivate the employees to grow in their roles. This form of meeting allows managers to create a trusting work relationship with the employee while getting an insight into the employee’s approach. 

Ways To Jumpstart 1-On-1 Meetings For Leadership

As mentioned above, one-on-one meetings can significantly affect a company’s performance. This is why knowing how to jumpstart these meetings with your employees is important. According to a report by Inc., around 95% of these meetings fail due to either poor leadership, lack of leadership, or excessive leadership. Don’t let your business share the same fate. Here are five of the most effective ways to jumpstart an effective 1-on-1 leading session. Let’s get right into it. 

1. Prepare For The Meetings

Preparation is the key to success in anything. One should never underestimate the importance of preparation for one-on-one meetings. Review your notes from previous meetings and analyze your employees’ performance to discuss future goals and the areas where your team can improve. Ensure you have a clear agenda to discuss with your employees before entering the 1-on-1 meeting. 

2. Shift The Focus

As a manager, you must enter these meetings with an open mindset and step back a little from a pure managerial approach. The best things to discuss in these 1-on-1 meetings are the development and growth of the employees. Rather than looking at the big picture, start with a smaller one. Try to understand your team member’s individual goals and aspirations. You should help them develop solutions to reach their personal and work-related milestone. If your employee is motivated and has the same goal as your company, the chances of success increase tenfold. 

3. Adopt A More Active Listening Approach

These 1-0n-1 meetings are not a place where you just deliver instructions to your team members. These sessions need to be more interactive. Develop a good habit of listening and analyzing. Try asking more subjective questions rather than straight yes or no questions and paraphrasing their responses to ensure understanding. This allows your employees to be more interactive and develop new ideas that could help the company grow. 

4. Provide Feedback

Feedback is one of the most important things for growth. Take this opportunity to share feedback with your team members. The best thing about 1-on-1 meetings is that when you share feedback in such a meeting, there is an increased chance that the feedback will be incorporated into your employee’s work process. Focus on specific and actionable feedback, both positive and constructive. Use this 1-0n-1 meeting with the manager as a means to acknowledge your employees’ accomplishments and highlight areas where there is room for improvement. This motivates your employees and inspires them to work more efficiently. 

5. Recognition

This is one of the best ways to jumpstart 1-on-1 leading in your company. When employees attend a 1-on-1 meeting with the manager, they look for recognition and appreciation. This motivates them to work harder. Celebrate their success, whether it’s big or small.  Recognizing their hard work and achievements fosters a sense of value and urge them to work harder. 

Start Having 1-On-1 Sessions To Grow As A Business

Leadership is extremely important for the growth of a business or a company. Follow the above-mentioned ways to jumpstart outstanding and motivating 1-On-1 meetings with your employees and boost their confidence. This also allows you to build a positive work environment. Moreover, interacting one-on-one with your employees will also help you understand their needs and the reason for their performance, whether good or bad. This will give you an idea of which practices benefit you and which are bad for you. 

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