ADP vs. Paychex: Which Payroll Software Is Better?

Calculating pay, maintaining accounts, keeping a record of revenues and expenses, filing taxes, and complying with regulations can be overwhelming for a human resource department. A one-size-fits-all approach to this is payroll software designed to automate and streamline employee payment processes. Considering the positive results, the availability of payroll software in the market has increased. However, ADP and Paychex are two well-established software brands within the cloud-based payroll and human resource space.

Both provide top-notch services under one umbrella, from basic payroll to round-the-clock customer support. Now, choosing the best one can perplex the HR department, which seeks quick, easy, and effective solutions to manage employees’ payroll. Don’t worry; we can help you find the best payroll software with a precise comparison. To examine which payroll software best fits your business needs, look at ADP vs. Paychex, which is a comprehensive comparison.

ADP vs. Paychex: Feature Comparison

Payroll software brings many benefits to the organization, from reducing the overheads to managing the accounts. Basically, it simplifies the overall business process if you choose the best payroll software. Here is ADP vs. Paychex for an informed decision. 

Legal Compliances

ADP – It stands out among competitors for its strong focus on legal compliance. It proactively monitors tax law changes and helps the HR department incorporate them into its process for more accurate calculations. Additionally, ADP trains employees on various topics, including sexual harassment and disability accommodations. 

Paychex – On the other hand, Paychex also has compliance experts who monitor changes in tax laws and regulations to ensure that the payroll and HR solutions remain compliant, providing peace of mind. 

Easy To Use

ADP- ADP requires a dedicated team to manage it since it is a bit complicated for an HR to access single-handedly. While discussing ADP vs. Paychex, it is important to discuss Phychex’s usability for better comparison. 

Paychex—At the same time, Paychex is a better option for most businesses because it is easy to understand and use. It focuses more on the classics, like payroll and time tracking, making it the preferred choice for teams looking for deep analytics and advice. 

Mobile Application 

ADP – The ADP application is a little complicated to understand, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say it is unfriendly to users. It takes time to track changes and monitor the new updates made to the transactions.   

Paychex—Comparatively, ADP vs. Paychex, Paychex is a highly rated application featuring a comprehensive suite of features for employees and staff alike. It offers a more simple, up-to-the-mark interface than ADP. Paychex includes payroll management, HR services, and time tracking. Additionally, it allows entry, review, and submission of payroll alongside access to the employee’s data and reports. 

Time Tracking

Paychex—Paychex is good at time-tracking because it has its own time clock hardware, like key cards and iris readers. The time is automatically synced with the main payroll platform, and you do not have to copy the information on the payday. 

ADP – There is no similar option in ADP, making it a less convenient and preferred choice for businesses looking for time-tracking solutions for their employees. When discussing ADP vs. Paychex, ADP seems less compatible with individual/business needs than Paychex. 

Customer Support

Paychex – One main factor that keeps Phychex on top of ADP is 24/7 customer care support. It focuses on providing the utmost satisfaction to the customers without fail. 

ADP -Compared to Paychex, ADP is customer-centric, keeping it a step back from Paychex. 

ADP vs. Paychex: Price Comparison 


ADP offers four payroll services plans. However, the price of each plan is not revealed to the public. The plan’s cost is based on the number of employees and the services. You must complete the ADP price form or speak to sales representatives to get the quotes. The essential plan costs $79 per month plus $4 per employee. 


The software solution offers three basic payroll services plans: the first covers the basics, and the next two cover advanced reporting capabilities and HR services. Paychex’s basic plan costs $39 per month plus $5 per employee.  

Should You Choose ADP or Paychex?

The choice of your payroll software depends on the individual or business requirements. Hence, we explain the situations in which you should ADP and Paychex. 

Choose ADP if…

  • You are looking for a robust payroll with high-end tax compliance solutions. 
  • You are looking for a budget-friendly solution. 

Choose Paychex if…

  • You operate mainly in the US.
  • You value a strong mobile application. 
  • You are looking for a user-friendly interface. 
  • You need a time-tracking payroll solution for the employees. 

Payroll is one of the best HR management software HR needs to enhance productivity. Tools and advanced technology increase the efficiency of the employees and business. If you are looking for the best payroll software, Paychex wins over ADP in terms of features. However, if we consider the price according to ADP vs. Paychex, ADP is preferred. So, choose the payroll software that fits your needs and leverage its benefits. 

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