China Hits US Firms Like Boeing Over Taiwan Arms Sales

Recently, on the day of Taiwan’s presidential inauguration, Boeing and two other American defense companies signed a deal with Taiwan to supply arms. China took notice of this situation and condemned the USA and the firms by imposing sanctions on Boeing and two other defense companies. 

In recent years, Beijing has been sanctioning companies that are dealing arms with its arch-nemesis, Taiwan, a self-ruled island that is sovereign, but China considers it to be a Chinese island. 

The US recently imposed heavy import tariffs on Chinese firms and companies. China has retaliated by sanctioning one of the USA’s biggest defense partners. Along with Boeing, Beijing also sanctioned General Atomics Aeronautical Systems and General Dynamics Land System. This forbids these companies from further investing in China and also imposes travel bans on their senior management executives. 

China also froze the assets of the General Dynamics Land system, which consisted of six Gulfstreams, and stopped the company’s jet aviation services in China. Moreover, the company also helped make Abrams Tanks, which the Taiwanese government is purchasing to fend off any attack carried out by China. On the other hand, the second company, General Atomics Aeronautical System, produces the Predator and Reaper drones for the US military. 

According to Taiwan, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has been harassing the island with the showcase of its military capabilities, with its fighters and vessels passing closely to Taiwan every now and then. This is why Taiwan seeks to secure new and advanced technologies from the USA.

The impact of these impacts is not well known. However, experts believe that China might lift these sanctions in the near future. 

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