Streaming Giants Unite To Fight Challenges

The world of entertainment and streaming services is uncertain, and the challenges faced by streaming companies are becoming more apparent with every passing day. In an attempt to combat these challenges, media giants Disney and Warner Bros. have decided to join forces and fight the cancel culture. 

Disney and Warner Bros. announced on Wednesday that they would start offering a bundled package of their streaming services, Disney+, Hulu and Max, in the summer. This shows how the changing landscape of the entertainment industry and the cancel culture have forced two of the biggest media companies in America and previous rivals to join forces and come up with solutions to fight the aforementioned challenges. 

The companies announced that users can buy this bundle from the streaming platforms’ official websites. Here, users will have two options: buying the non-ad version or buying a version that shows ads. However, the companies have not announced any prices or dates as to when the streaming bundle will be available. Currently, the non-ads package of these apps will cost around $48 combined and the version that shows ads will cost around $28 combined. So, expect the bundled package to cost slightly less. 

Media executives from various companies have been looking to cobble together a streaming platform that combines all streaming services in one place, giving users less incentive to cancel or switch streaming services. This merger between media giants like Disney and Warner Bros. is the first step towards it. However, it’s worth noting that another media giant, Sony Pictures, recently offered to acquire Paramount, which is another big step towards offering a jack-of-all-trades streaming platform.  

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