Elon Musk’s X Restores Free Blue Checks For Some Accounts 

In a surprising reversal of strategy, Elon Musk, the world’s second richest man and the owner of the social media platform X, formerly Twitter, has decided to restore free blue verification checkmarks to some influential users with a large following.  With this move, he ended the earlier verification process in which users had to buy a paid subscription service to get a blue tick on their accounts. 

Musk’s change of heart came 18 months after his acquisition of X. During this time; he criticized old Twitter’s decision to give away blue ticks to famous accounts. He also referred to the existing verification scheme as a system of lords and peasants. Moreover, he introduced a paid model where users would have to subscribe to access the blue checkmarks with the aim of creating a new revenue stream for the platform.

However, Musk’s plan faced backlash and technical challenges. The implementation of the paid verification system was exploited by various issues, including strong arguments from major brands and prominent users who lost their blue checks. Despite efforts to alter the process, people were forced to pay for the subscription-based model to get blue checkmarks on their accounts.  

Recognizing the limitations of the paid verification model, Elon Musk has finally made changes to it, restoring blue checks for prominent users without charging them. As per the latest Tweet by Elon Musk, under the new policy, accounts with over 2,500 verified subscriber followers will receive “Premium features,” including blue checkmarks, for free. Additionally, accounts with over 5,000 verified followers will be granted access to X’s Premium Plus features.

The decision to offer blue checks for free signifies a shift in Elon Musk’s approach. It acknowledges that the paid verification system may not have given the desired results. It also emphasizes the challenge of persuading users to pay for features that were previously available free of cost.

Elon Musk’s decision to offer blue checks for free shows his commitment to adapting X’s policies in response to user feedback and evolving market dynamics. As the platform continues to ease the complexities of online verification and monetization, the success of this strategy still remains uncertain. 

Elon Musk’s strategy to restore the blue check mark highlights the challenges of balancing monetization with user trust and engagement on social media platforms like X. By offering blue checkmarks for free to influential users, Musk aims to restore confidence in the platform while addressing concerns about the value and accessibility of verification features. As X continues to grow under Musk’s leadership, its approach to verification will shape the future of X in the competitive social media landscape.

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