7 Rapidly Thriving HealthTech Startups In USA 2024

HealthTech Startups are reshaping the boundaries of the healthcare industry. In 2023, the industry touched $10.7 billion and is expected to reach $550 billion by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.5%. With emerging technologies and ideas, HealthTech Startups in USA showcase their vital role in shaping a healthier future. 

After the pandemic, they have made their place in the healthcare industry, where big tech companies have always been players. They are rigorously involved in identifying opportunities and potential growth by filling the gaps. With revolutionary technologies, top HealthTech Startups are improving existing health facilities and bringing innovative solutions to meet increasing market demand. 

This write-up will reveal the rapidly thriving HealthTech Startups in USA that have made a significant place in the healthcare industry with their transformative approach to revolutionizing patient care and wellness. 

Top Tech Startups Providing Revolutionized Health Care Services

This section provides an insightful overview of the top health technology startups shortlisted based on their revenue.

#1 Artera

Year Founded 2015
Revenue in 2023 – $231.2M 

Artera (formerly known as WELL Health) is a leading health communication platform that provides top healthcare services to patients worldwide. Operating as SaaS, Artera streamlines communication between patients and healthcare providers. Artera is considered among the top HealthTech Startups in USA because it uses top technology, such as the AI-powered virtual assistant Artera Care Assist, which reduces the administrative workload. Additionally, Aetera achieved SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance for data security, availability, and privacy. 

#2 Headspace

Year Founded – 2010
Revenue in 2023- $195M

Headspace is designed to provide lifelong access to mental health support. This startup operates as SaaS and offers various healthcare services, including evidence-based medication and mindfulness tools, mental health coaching, therapy, and psychiatry. It focuses on medication, sleep casts, mindful movement, and exercise via application. With new technology and innovations, Headspace has rapidly secured its place on the list of the leading HealthTech Startups in USA. Moreover, Headspace represents a key player among the companies providing healthcare services. 

#3 Maven Clinic 

Year Founded 2014
Revenue in 2023 – $178.9M 

Maven Clinic stands out among the top Health Tech startups in the USA. It focuses on women’s health, including fertility, pregnancy, adoption, parenting, and pediatrics. This startup makes women feel special by providing personal care. With its dedication, Maven Clinic showcases its commitment to improving the healthcare experience. Additionally, Maven Clinic has been recognized by many prestigious healthcare organizations, which were listed on the list of the Most Influential Companies in 2023 by TIME. This indicates its impact on the healthcare sector.  

#4 Lyra Health 

Year Founded – 2015 
Revenue in 2023 – $111.3M

Founded in 2015, Lyra Health is probably among the most influential HealthTech Startups in USA. The company specializes in evidence-based mental health care, offering a range of services tailored to individual preferences. These include self-guided programs, mental health coaching, therapy, and medication management. These services are available in person, via video conferencing, or by text message. Therefore, connecting to healthcare service providers and accessing the services depends on the individual’s choice. Moreover, the company also provides an in-house concierge care navigator for inclusive care. 

#5 SonderMind

Year Founded 2010
Revenue in 2023 – $20.0M

Another thriving company among HealthTech Startups in USA is SonderMind. Its primary vision is to make mental health care accessible to everyone and provide them with a healthy and happy life. The core of the startup lies in its innovative services, which mainly include therapy and psychology. The best part of this tech startup is that patients can use their insurance, including HSA, FSA, EAP, and Medicare plans, to access the service. SonderMind is distinguished for its flexibility, approach to patient care, and offering in-person & online services seven days a week. Additionally, their user-friendly platform facilitates easy connections between clients and experts. 

#6 SimplePractice 

Year Founded 2012
Revenue in 20233 – $18.0M

SimplePractice is a notable SaaS healthcare service provider. Among the HealthTech Startups in USA, it offers all-in-one Electronic Health Records (EHR) software designed to streamline healthcare services for clients and providers alike. This platform simplifies various aspects, including documentation, scheduling, and client sessions. The user-friendly software features an easy-to-use portal, making it convenient for customers to make their appointments. In addition to this, their EHR system helps professionals keep a record of the patients, reduce workload, and ultimately improve efficiency. 

#7 Pivot 

Year Founded -2015
Revenue in 2023 – $13.2M 

Pivot is one of the prominent HealthTech Startups specializing in behavioral changes. It primarily focuses on stopping tobacco consumption. Pivot aims to promote a healthy lifestyle while quitting bad habits like tobacco or vaping. However, the company has extended its services to address everyday stress and build resilience. This startup gained immense popularity in the healthcare industry because of its comprehensive approach to tobacco quitting. Undoubtedly, it is the most innovative company among the HealthTech Startups in USA. 

It is clear that these HealthTech Startups are not just businesses but a light of hope for a healthier and more technologically integrated future. If you are on your way to starting a startup and looking forward to a thriving business in the technology-integrated world, consider opting for technology trends. 

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