Microsoft Asks Hundreds Of Employees To Move from China

Amid rising tensions between the USA and China, Microsoft has taken a big step and asked hundreds of its employees to relocate from China to other European countries. Relations between the USA and China have been deteriorating over tech and clean energy. 

According to a state-run news outlet in China, The Paper, Microsoft has asked hundreds  of its employees involved in cloud computing, to relocate to places like the USA, Australia and Ireland. Moreover, a spokesperson from Microsoft also said, “Providing internal opportunities is a regular part of managing our global business. As part of this process, we shared an optional internal transfer opportunity with a subset of employees.

The Wall Street Journal also reported on Thursday that Microsoft has asked more than 800 Chinese national employees, who are mostly engineers and work in cloud computing or AI, to relocate from China to other countries. 

Microsoft’s decision has caused a ruckus in one of Microsoft’s crown jewels, Microsoft Research Lab Asia, which was founded by Microsoft in China after it entered the country in 1992. This became evident after one of the company’s employees came out and shared his thoughts. According to an employee, “everyone is confused”, and people don’t know what to do. It’s worth mentioning that the employees have been given a time frame of less than a month to make a decision. 

The tech war between China and the West, primarily the USA, is boiling up. Recently, the Biden Administration has imposed heavy import tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles and many other Chinese items. Also, last October, the USA restricted the supply of semiconductors and SoC to China. 

However, China also responded and restricted the export of metals like Germanium and Gallium, which are some of the most important elements in making semiconductors and SoCs.

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