New NBA Media Rights Deal: How Will It Impact Players

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has agreed to its new media rights deal. The NBA signed an 11-year deal worth $76 billion. This deal assures that player salaries will continue rising and can change how people watch the sport in the future. A person familiar with the development said that the only thing left is the approval from the association’s board, and the deal will come into effect. 

The same person told me that a board of directors will meet in a week to discuss the adoption of this deal. However, the NBA has not yet commented on the deal. 

It is a historic deal, the most valuable and lengthy deal in the association’s history. The recent sale offer of the Boston Celtics also played an important part in the new media rights deal. This deal will go into effect after the 2025-2026 NBA season starts. In the 2025-2026 NBA season, games will be broadcast on ABC and ESPN, and now, after the new media rights deal, some games will also be shown on NBC and Amazon Prime. TNT Sports,  a member of the NBA’s broadcasting family since the 1980s, may part ways from this year onwards. However, they still have five days to accept the deal proposed by the NBA. The five-day countdown will start once the NBA send the finalized contract to TNT Sports. 

Reporters asked Adam Silver, the Commissioner of the NBA, about a lengthy deal back in June. To this, Silver said that lengthy deals are “good for the stability of the league.” He also said, “But it means to a certain extent you’re trying to predict the future, which is of course, impossible. So part of it is a bet on the partners that we will ultimately align with and their ability also to adjust with the times and their willingness to continue to invest in media and also become global, which, to my earlier point, is very important to the league, as well.”

This deal will also mean more salaries for the players, as the team’s maximum expenditure cap will increase by 10% after this deal. 

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