US Businesses  Threaten Pro-Palestinian Students 

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine might be thousands of miles away from the US. However, Pro-Palestinian protests have reached the States nonetheless. Recently, students from several universities in the USA came to protest in support of Gaza, and it has become a big problem now. 

US business leaders have issued a stark warning to students involved in the Gaza protests. They caution that these students may face significant hurdles in their future, including the denial of job opportunities and mortgages. Furthermore, they emphasize that the belief of remaining unidentified is misguided, as advanced AI surveillance technology is poised to recognize them.

Oil giant ExxonMobil CEO Darren Woods said in an interview last week that he would not be keen on hiring students who take part in the pro-Palestinian protests happening on US university campuses right now. Darren told CNBC, “ We wouldn’t look to bring folks like that into our company, and if that action or those protests reflect the values of the campuses where they’re doing it, we wouldn’t be interested in recruiting students from those campuses.

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American Businessman and Shark Tank fame Kevin O’Leary also shared his views on the protest and said, “These people are screwed. Everything being shot now is 1080p or 4K, even the surveillance cameras. Every single image, even at night now, goes into an AI generator and will tell you who that individual is.

Students’ protest began on April 17 and has spread like wildfire ever since. So far, there are at least 40 university campuses protesting in support of Gaza. The protest didn’t stop even when they were met with violent raids by the state police, which resulted in the arrest of over 2000 students from these respective universities. 

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