Harassment Lawsuit Finalized: Snapchat To Pay $15 Million

A few years ago, one of California’s Civil Rights agencies sued Snapchat and claimed that the company was discriminating against its female employees. It even said that the company had failed miserably in preventing workplace sexual harassment, and when the women employees complained about the harassment, the company retaliated against the women rather than taking appropriate measures. 

Now, Snapchat is willing to pay a $15 million settlement for the lawsuit. According to the same civil rights agency, this settlement will cover women who have worked for the company in California in a certain time period, which is from 2014 to 2024. 

This case is almost three years old, and this settlement has ended. The agency also claimed that the company used to discriminate against female employees regarding pay and promotions. The bulk of the settlement money will go to all the women who faced discrimination from 2014 to 2024. California authorities have been active recently. Authorities in California even fined Amazon for safety law violations

Kevin Kish, the director of California’s civil rights agency, said, “In California, we’re proud of the work of our state’s innovators, who are a driving force of our nation’s economy. This settlement with Snapchat demonstrates a shared commitment to a California where all workers have a fair chance at the American Dream. Women are entitled to equality in every job, in every workplace, and in every industry.”

However, Snapchat has dismissed all the claims made by California’s civil rights agency and is only willing to pay for the settlement to avoid a lengthy litigation process and any harm to its public image. The company said in a statement, “We care deeply about our commitment to maintaining a fair and inclusive environment at Snap, and do not believe we have any ongoing systemic pay equity, discrimination, harassment, or retaliation issues against women.

The company also assured its employees that they can exercise their right to report harassment and discrimination without fear of retaliation. Moreover, Snapchat has said that it will train its staff to prevent discrimination and harassment in the company. 

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