Sony Pictures + Paramount: A Media Giant In The Making 

One of the biggest mass media companies, Sony Pictures, and private equity firm Apollo are looking to buy out Paramount Studios in a $26 billion deal. According to US News, Sony would be the majority stakeholder in the merged entity, and Apollo would be a minority stakeholder. 

The Wall Street Journal was the first to report the offer made by Apollo and Sony. According to the Journal, Apollo offered to buy out Paramount independently. However, the Paramount board had some immediate concerns, including whether Apollo could arrange the financing required for the deal. 

Multiple sources have also reported that Paramount is looking to form a merger with Skydance, David Allison’s media company that has helped produce some of the best Paramount movies ever, such as Top Gun: Maverick and Mission: Impossible—Death Reckoning. 

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Earlier this week, Paramount announced that its long-time CEO, Bob Bakish, will step down and be replaced by a troika(a group of three men) of senior executives who will form the “Office of the CEO.” This news has shaken the entertainment industry as two of the biggest studios in the world are looking to form a merger. 

Moreover, this news has also benefitted Paramount, as the studio’s stock prices surged after the news broke out on Thursday. Paramount stock (PARA) has risen around $1.5, or 9%, in one day following the merger deal. 

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