Fintech Frontiers: Top Fintech Companies In USA

The finance industry has always been one of the USA’s most valued and competitive industries. However, as we advance, we can witness a similar trend in the USA’s fintech industry. Since PayPal, the fintech industry has come a long way, with total AUM (Asset Under management) in the digital assets market touching $36.88 billion. Top fintech companies in USA continue to fulfill the emerging needs of their consumers by offering them easier ways to buy property, send remittances, and pay bills, among other services. It is home to some of the major fintech companies in the world, such as Robinhood, SoFi, Affirm, Carta, Ally, etc. 

Here is the list of the top fintech companies in USA based on their valuation and revenue. However, before jumping into the list of top fintech companies, let us give you a brief understanding of fintech. 

What Are Fintech Companies?

Financial technology is a shortened combination of “financial technology” and can simply be described as new technology that integrates technology with financial services. Fintech companies seek to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services so that companies, business owners, and consumers can better manage their financial operations, processes, and lives. 

Top Public Fintech Companies

Below is the list of top fintech companies in USA based on their revenue. 

1. Visa

Revenue:  $29.31 billion 
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Visa is one of the largest fintech companies in the USA and a multinational card services provider that offers credit, debit, and prepaid cards. While Visa doesn’t lend money or open lines of credit itself, the company facilitates electronic fund transfers through the relationship between users with Visa-branded cards and banks that provide the funds. Initially founded by Bank of America in 1958, it has now emerged as the world’s second-largest card payment service provider and one of the top fintech companies in USA.

2. PayPal

Revenue: $27.52 billion
Headquarters: San Jose, California

It was originally named Confinity, a company specializing in providing security services to mobile devices. Later, in 1999, it renamed itself Paypal and became a payment processing company that provides payment processing services to individuals, online vendors, and businesses.  Because of its wide services, PayPal has become one of the top fintech companies in USA. 

3. Mastercard

Revenue:  $22.24 billion
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Mastercard is one of the largest fintech companies in the world and the second largest credit card processor in the USA, just behind Visa. Founded in 1966, the company started as a cooperative and was controlled by over 25,000 financial service institutions. Mastercard connects consumers with banks and credit unions by offering branded, debit, and prepaid credit cards. It ranks 3rd in our list of top fintech companies in USA. 

4. Block Inc.

Revenue: $17.53 billion
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

It is another one of the top fintech companies in USA, which was earlier known as Square. Founded in 2009, the company is poised to make payments smoother for small businesses with its payment platform, which can be easily used on phones and tablets. It also owns brands like CashApp, Afterpay, etc., to further smooth payment transactions for businesses and individuals.  

5. Intuit

Revenue:  $14.37 billion
Headquarters:  Mountain View, California 

Intuit makes some of the most used apps in the personal finance, taxation, accounting, and payroll services industry, such as Quickbooks, TurboTax, CreditKarma, etc. Founded in 1983, Intuit is a software company that specializes in developing software for finance and business. 

6. Coinbase

Revenue:  $3.19 billion
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Founded in 2012, Coinbase is one of the top fintech companies in USA that assists companies in processing and accepting cryptocurrency payments. It also helps its users buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc. 

Top Private Fintech Companies

Below are some of the leading fintech companies in the USA based on their valuations that are not publicly traded on the stock exchanges. 

7.  Stripe 

Valuation: $50 billion
Headquarters: South San Francisco, California

Stripe ranks among the top fintech companies in USA; it was founded in 2009. Stripe offers various services to its users, including payment processing software, accounting software, etc., and has partnered with major corporations such as Ford Motor Company and Spotify.

8. Chime

Valuation:  $25 billion
Headquarters: San Francisco, Californi

Chime was founded in 2012 and offers mobile banking services to its consumers. What sets Chime apart is its fee-free services, including no overdraft fees for negative account balances, peer-to-peer electronic fund transfers, and interest-free secured credit cards.

Ending Note

We have provided you with a comprehensive list of the top fintech companies in USA; however, this list is not exhaustive. The numbers and figures we have used are based on our own research, and real figures might vary. We hope you will like this blog; for more such blogs, follow us on various social media platforms. 

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