The General Assembly Adopts Historic AI Resolution

In a historic moment, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has passed a resolution backing the efforts made by countries globally to ensure that AI is safe to use. The resolution was passed on Thursday, 21 March 2024. This resolution promotes safe, ethical, secure, and trustworthy AI developments. The assembly said that ensuring AI development and its uses do not violate human rights is extremely important. One such human right is the right to privacy. Recently, Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni’s deep fake video spread on the internet and wreaked havoc. This is an example of the complete obliteration of human rights by AI. 

US Played A Key Role In The Adoption

Many influential people in the tech industry, like Elon Musk, have appealed to regulate AI development to ensure that it does not violate basic human rights and cannot be used for unethical purposes. In response, the United States of America and 123 other nations, including China, presented the resolution before the assembly. Moreover, the resolution was counted by consensus and without a vote, meaning all 193 recognized general assembly members supported it. 

The Resolution

Through the resolution, UNGA has requested the member states and stakeholders to resist the temptation to deploy AI in a manner inconsistent with the international human rights law. The UNGA also accepted that there is a big tech discrepancy between the top nations and the majority of nations worldwide and urged the leading nations to bridge this gap as much as possible. 

The UNGA also urged nations to develop safeguard practices and standards for AI development within their borders. It said that nations worldwide and the UN itself will have to create a specialized agency to deal with AI-related matters. The UN also asked the nations to ensure transparency and increase awareness programs for AI so that any country’s general population can understand what they are dealing with.

Other Efforts To Safeguard AI Development 

Not just the UN but also other states have put some emphasis on introducing regulations on AI development. The European Union(EU) passed its AI Act, which increased the scrutiny of AI development within the EU. Moreover, the Biden administration and India have placed regulations on AI to address various safety and security issues.

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