US-Based Bank Locks TCS For Technology Transformation

Technology is at the forefront of businesses nowadays. This is especially true for Fintechs or financial establishments; call it moving with the times. Recently, TCS announced that it will provide its services for the core technology transformation of one of the biggest regional banks in the Midwest, the Central Bank. The bank has opted for TCS’ BaNCS service to update its technology infrastructure, drive innovation, and strengthen customer relationships. 

The Central Bank is one of the leading banking institutions. It manages over $20 billion in assets and serves over 150 locations in 78 communities throughout Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, and Oklahoma. TCS is one of the leading IT consultancy firms worldwide, and the bank’s decision to use TCS’ BaNCS underlines its commitment to making operations more efficient and enhancing customer experience by embracing technological advancements in the sector. 

The president and CEO of the Central Bank, John Ross, stated, “When the decision was made to modernize our core as part of a long-term strategy, we looked extensively for a true partner. Given our shared commitment to technology and its role in the customer experience, TCS, with its TCS BaNCS product suite, was a natural choice for Central Bank.”

The TCS BaNCS will help the bank optimize its customer acquisition process, gain real-time insight into customer relationships, and enhance productivity. This is the first time an establishment as big as the Central Bank has sought consultancy services from TCS. However, TCS deems itself more than capable of performing the job with flying colors and taking the bank’s customer relationships and efficiency to the next level with its consultancy services. 

Amit Bajaj, The President of TCS North America, stated, “TCS’ longstanding partnerships with regional community banks, credit unions, and financial institutions continue to expand as we serve multiple such local and regional banks in North America. We have been working with these financial institutions to modernize their core platforms so they can adapt to their customers’ ever-evolving digital needs. With TCS BaNCS, Central Bank will get a jumpstart and now offer a frictionless and flexible onboarding process that meets the needs of its growing customer base.”

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