Will Boeing Plead Guilty To Fraud? Let’s Find Out

According to sources familiar with the matter, the US Justice Department is urging Boeing to take charge of the two fatal air accidents in 2018 and 2019 involving evolving Boeing 737 Max jetliners. 

The sources also mentioned that Boeing will have one week to decide whether to accept the offer. As per sources, the offer includes the appointment of an independent monitor who will oversee compliance with the anti-fraud law of the aerospace giant. The case stems from a violation of an agreement by Boeing, which was intended to resolve the 2o21 charge on the company. Originally, the company was accused of allegedly misleading the regulators to approve its 737 Max jetliners and prepare them for pilot training programs. Boeing, however, has said that it had nothing to do with it and blamed two low-level employees for misleading the regulators. 

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The Justice Department told the families of the 346 victims about the plea offer via video call and told them that the department would proceed to trial if the company didn’t accept the offer within the given time frame. However, the families of the victims are saying that this is just another attempt to let the company off the hook, as the plea does not mention that Boeing will have to acknowledge the death of 346 people. 

Paul Cassell, one of the family’s lawyers, said, “The underlying outrageous piece of this deal is that it doesn’t acknowledge that Boeing’s crime killed 346 people. Boeing is not going to be held accountable for that, and they are not going to admit that that happened.

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