US Government Restricts Huawei Access To US Tech

The US government announced on Tuesday that it had revoked the trading licenses of some companies, which allowed them to trade with companies like China’s Huawei, which is ridden with sanctions. Many companies were informed on Tuesday that their trading license is canceled, effective immediately. 

This announcement comes months after Huawei released its first AI-powered laptop, the MateBook X Pro. This laptop uses Intel’s all-new, ultra-powerful Core Ultra 9 chip, which also has Intel’s new Arc Graphics integrated chip and AI capabilities. 

The laptop quickly garnered all the attention, and republican lawmakers were furious with the US Commerce Department , claiming that this incident suggested that the Commerce Department had given Intel the green light to trade with Huawei. Shortly after that, the Commerce Department released a statement and said, “We have revoked certain licenses for exports to Huawei.

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Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik also shared her thoughts on the Commerce Department revoking licenses and said, “This action will bolster U.S. national security, protect American ingenuity, and diminish Communist China’s ability to advance its technology.

This move could significantly hurt Huawei as it relies completely on Intel chips for its laptops. Moreover, this move can also severely affect the US suppliers that do business with the company. 

Huawei has been under scrutiny from the US government for quite some time now. It was first put on the list of restricted companies in 2019 after the US government was suspected of spying activities on the American public. If any company wanted to supply Huawei, it had to get a special license from the government; Intel was one of those companies until Tuesday. 

Another company that has been in business with Huawei for the past four years is Qualcomm, which still supplies its 4G chips to Huawei for use in their phones. Although whether Qualcomm also got its license revoked or not is still unknown, the company has hinted that it will cease business with the company after FY 24-25. 

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