Washington Post Fired Its Top Editor Sally Buzbee

Big news came on Sunday, 2 June 2024. The Washington Post, one of the USA’s prominent newspapers, announced that it parted ways with its top editor, Sally Buzbee. This happened in a seismic shakeup led by William Lewis, the new publisher and chief executive of the Washington Post. 

William Lewis said about firing Sally in a post, “Sally is an incredible leader and a supremely talented media executive who will be sorely missed, I wish her all the best going forward.”

The Washington Post’s chief executive might have praised Sally, but she oversaw thunderous periods in the respected newspaper. During Sally’s three years, the Post saw most of its audience scatter. During Sally’s tenure, the Washington Post won numerous awards, including the Edward R Murrow Award in 2021. The Washington Post also experienced criticism because of infighting in 2022. 

The Washington Post said that Matt Murray will be the new executive editor, replacing Sally. Patty Murray is a former editor-chief of The Wall Street Journal. He will serve in this post through the 2024 presidential elections. The newspaper also shared that Robert Winnett, deputy editor of the Telegraph Media Group, will take the post of editor after the November election. At that time, Patty Murray will be assigned to oversee the development of a new newsroom, Washington Post; one that focuses on service and social media journalism.

William Lewis said about the new newsroom, “The creation of an additional newsroom division represents a definitive step away from the one-size-fits-all approach and moving towards meeting our audiences where they are.”

William Lewis is making quick moves to turn around the Washington Post, which had a large audience during Donald Trump’s Presidency. He shared that the newspaper lost $77 million last year and 50% of its audience since 2020.

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