What Happened To Kate Middleton? Are We Just Chasing Ghosts?

Ever since the Princess of Wales had her abdominal surgery in January, many questions regarding her health and recovery have been brought forward. However, in true Royal Family fashion, the questions remain unanswered. From the beginning, Kensington Palace maintained that they would not share any medical details of the princess. 

The saga started when Prince William ditched the memorial service for King Constantine of Greece at the very last minute. This is when people started asking questions about Kate Middleton’s whereabouts and health. But, in true British Royal Family fashion, they have abstained from answering any question. 

The discussion over Kate Middleton’s health grew even further after the palace released a photo on Mother’s Day in the UK on March 10. The photo featured Kate and her three children. However, many news publications withdrew from publishing the photos. Why? Many publications said the same thing: the photo had been digitally altered. For starters, Kate wasn’t wearing either of the wedding or engagement rings. Secondly, the alignment of her left hand and her sweater seemed a little odd. 

As this was an official photo, people started questioning why the palace had shared an altered image. However, after the talk of the picture being fake, the palace took to the internet and released a statement that the photo was edited by the princess herself. Princess Kate also posted on X that she edited the photo to make the palace’s claim legit. 

Another video of Princess Kate and Prince William surfaced, showing them leaving a market. The caption read, “Relaxed and happy on a shopping trip with devoted hubby William. However, the internet had some other views of the video. According to outlets examining the video’s metadata, it was not created on the date it was made official. Moreover, the video was very blurry, and people could only see the head of the Princess, which sparked even more questions. Some news outlets also mentioned that Kensington Palace won’t confirm whether the video is legitimate, further fueling the dilemma. 

This constant chaos has led some people to believe that something bad has happened to Kate. According to the Royal British Family’s statements, Kate will be off from royal duties until Easter (the last week of March). Only then will we know if something really happened to Kate or if we’re just chasing ghosts.

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