Elon Confirms Bots Purge: Many Users To Lose Followers

“We Will Defeat The Spam Bots Or Die Trying.” Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said this in 2022 regarding X’s massive spam bot problem. X announced on 4 April 2024 that it will start purging spam bots on the platform. 

Fake accounts or spam bots have plagued the social media platform for as long as Elon Musk owned it. Right after making the purchase, Elon assured that his team would do everything possible to ensure that the platform was bot-free as soon as possible. However, Musk has struggled to solve the bot problem in “X.” According to the New York Times, Musk had previously asked for the number of bots on the platform before making a purchase, but the company officials denied his request. 

According to tech experts, Musk’s decision to charge $8 for blue ticks was a way to ensure that the platform did not have bots. Critics have said that this method is not very effective as people behind these bots will buy the $8 worth of blue ticks and will be able to fool even more people than before. 

As X started fighting fake accounts and spam bots on the platform, people started reporting a decrease in the total number of followers. An X user tweeted, “I lost 48 followers after Elon’s bot and troll purge—that was less than 0.002 percent.” Another user wrote, “I lost like 6 followers today. Are bot accounts actually being purged?” 

After receiving these tweets from the users on the platform, Elon Musk also took to X and posted, “Please reply to me or @XEng if legitimate accounts are suspended.” In a tweet, he also said, “X Corp will be tracing the people responsible and bringing the full force of the law to bear upon them.”

The X safety account also posted a tweet saying they have taken significant steps and “proactive initiatives to eliminate accounts that violate our Rules against platform manipulation and spam.” The total number of bots or fake accounts on X is still unknown. However, Elon has assured the users that the platform will soon be bot-free. 

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